Top 10 free things to do in Dubai

Dubai Fountain

One of the must-visit attractions of Dubai is a free thing to do where you can enjoy the stunning display of dancing water in sync with the musical soundtrack.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world boasting hundreds and hundreds of aquatic animals from different species.

Souks of Dubai

Souks are a popular attraction for tourists are one the best and free things to do where you can shop, see, and learn the history of Dubai.

Infinity tower

A contemporary architecture marvel of Dubai and one of the most  photographed buildings in the city, you can visit this luxurious building for  free!

Coffee museum

If you are a coffee lover then this a must-visit place where you will be taken on the epic journey into the world of coffee learning the history and significance.

Abra Boat

Abra Boats are basically small wooden boats known for offering budgeted tours with which you can explore the old quarters of Dubai.

Yoga classes

Free yoga class from friends of yoga is among the best things to do in Dubai for a mindful body and peaceful soul disconnecting the bustle of the city.

Camel museum

Dedicated to the history of camel and Arabian people, the Camel Museum is free to visit where you can understand everything through presentations.

Al Shindagha

Al Shindagha is a place where you can see various exhibits of weavers, potters, traditional crafts, and much more.