Dubai Safari Park vs Sharjah Safari Park

Gemsbok at Dubai Safari Park

Wondering whether you should buy tickets for Dubai Safari Park or Sharjah Safari Park? Well both the parks offer unique wildlife experiences, but which one should you choose?

So if you are a person who is often troubled with this question, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that delves into the attractions, animal encounters, and amenities of each of the parks.

From the stunning villages at the Dubai Safari Park to the open-vehicle Safaris at Sharjah Safari Park, we will help you find out the best fit for your interests and budget.

Dubai Safari Park Entrance

Location and Size

Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Zoo is a massive wildlife Park. It spans over an area of 119 hectares and is strategically located in Warqa, Dubai.

This prime location offers easy accessibility from various parts of the city and the neighbouring Emirates. This makes it an ideal destination for visitors from each of the areas. 

Sharjah Safari Park

The Sharjah Safari Park is a sprawling wildlife reserve located in the Al Dhaid area of Sharjah. It covers an impressive area of 8 square kilometres. 

The park is strategically located and offers easy access from various parts of the country and the neighbouring areas. 

Variety of Species and Habitats

Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park has over 3000 animals from different parts of the globe each representing more than 200 species. All the visitors will get to explore the diverse villages at Dubai Safari Park and habitats, including the African Village, Asian Village, Explorer Village, and the Arabian Desert Safari.

Each of these areas showcases unique animals and landscapes. 

Sharjah Safari Park

The Sharjah Safari Park is also home to a wide variety of indigenous and exotic species. These include the majestic Arabian oryx, sand gazelles, Arabian wolves, and even the elusive Arabian leopard.

Visitors will also get to spot a diverse range of bird species, reptiles, and other wildlife native to the region.

Visitor Experiences

Dubai Safari Park

The park has a wide range of visitor experiences to offer, catering to all ages and interests. You will get to participate in guided tours led by knowledgeable guides who will be providing insight into the animals and their habitats and live shows. 

You will also get to participate in interactive sessions like animal encounters and feeding experience which will allow you up-close interactions. Adventure lovers can also try out the Drive Through Safari, where they can witness the animals roaming freely from the comfort of their vehicles. 

Sharjah Safari Park

This Safari Park also offers a wide range of tours and education programs to enhance the visitor experience. You can try out open-vehicle Safaris where you will get to explore the vast landscapes of the park and witness the animals in their natural habitat.

There are also various educational programs, workshops and guided tours where visitors can participate to learn about the unique wildlife and conservation efforts of the region. 

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park Timings(during Ramadan) is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with extended hours during the peak season. 

The prices of the ticket may vary depending on the type of experience and package you choose. But we recommend booking the tickets online to get hefty discounts for children and combo packages. 

Sharjah Safari Park

The Sharjah Safari Park is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The tickets are affordable compared to other wildlife parks in the region. Also they offer special discounts to children, students, and UAE residents. 

Unique Features and Attractions

Dubai Safari Park

One of the stand-out features of the Dubai Safari Park is the Night Safari. Visitors will get to explore the park after dark while witnessing the nocturnal animals in their active state. 

The park also has a thrilling toboggan ride, a scenic cable car trip and a petting zoo at the kids farm for younger children. 

Sharjah Safari Park

The Sharjah Safari Park also offers a range of special amenities and facilities to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

These include parking areas, restrooms, shaded seating areas, and dining options serving refreshments and light meals.

The Dubai Safari Park is larger and spans over 119 acres. On the other hand the Sharjah Safari Park covers only 8 square kilometres.

The Dubai Safari Park has a more diverse collection of animals with over 3000 animals from different parts of the world. In contrast the Sharjah Safari Park only focuses on preservation of indigenous species native to the UAE and the Arabian Peninsula like the Arabian oryx, sand gazelle, and the elusive Arabian leopard.

The Dubai Safari Park offers a more diverse range of visitor experiences. This includes guided tours, like animal encounters, interactive sessions, and unique attractions like the Night Safari and thrilling toboggan ride. The educational programs and exhibits cover global biodiversity and the importance of conservation efforts worldwide.

The Sharjah Safari Park on the other hand offers a more immersive and authentic Arabian Safari experience. Guests will be experiencing the Safari through open vehicle, and educational programs focus on the rich heritage and local wildlife. 

Analysis of ticket prices and the value for money

While the Dubai Safari Park has a higher ticket price, it offers a variety of experiences and attractions. This makes it a comprehensive and value-for-money option for families and visitors looking for a full-day outing.

The Sharjah Safari Park, however, has affordable ticket prices, providing an excellent value for those interested in witnessing the natural wildlife of the UAE. 

Accessibility and facilities comparison

The Dubai Safari Park excels in terms of accessibility and visitor facilities. They offer ample parking space, wheelchair-friendly paths, well-maintained restrooms, baby-changing stations, shaded areas, water stations etc. The Sharjah Safari Park on the other hand, provides all the important facilities like parking areas, restrooms, and dining options. They may not offer the same level of accessibility and amenities as its counterpart in Dubai.

For visitors seeking a more comprehensive and diverse wildlife experience with a wide range of attractions and amenities, Dubai Safari Park is an excellent choice, especially for families with children. However, if your primary interest is witnessing the native wildlife of the UAE in their natural habitats and learning about the region’s conservation efforts, Sharjah Safari Park offers an authentic and affordable option. Ultimately, the choice between the two parks depends on your specific interests, budget, and the desired level of immersion in the wildlife experience.


Choosing between the Dubai Safari Park and the Sharjah Safari Park can be a confusing task. But this detailed comparison will make it easier for you to make a choice.

So start planning for your ultimate Safari adventure today! 

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