Dubai’s Best Zoo and Aquarium Experiences Unleashed!

Hippo Aquarium at Dubai Safari Park

Dubai’s fascinating and glittering nature has attracted millions of tourists each year. Every year, Dubai continues to innovate and create record-breaking attractions. Amidst the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s world lies the raw nature of Discover an array of exciting things to do in Dubai, tailored to your taste. Explore thrilling attractions, including the Dubai Crocodile Park, Dubai Safari Park and Zoo, Green Planet, and the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium, discover the best attractions that Dubai has to offer, including Dubai’s best zoo and aquarium experiences.

Presenting the Finest Zoo and Aquarium Destinations in Dubai

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai safari park

Get the best of both leisure and wildlife spotting worlds with the Dubai Safari Park and Zoo. Housing 3,000+ animal species in their natural habitat, the Dubai Safari Zoo brings the raw nature of Dubai and unique experiences that guarantee complete fun and entertainment elements in your exciting journey. The rippling waterfall is powered by a unique solar-powered green initiative that further captivates the ambiance of this amazing eco-friendly destination. Be ready to be teleported to the dense tropical jungles of Africa and Asia to witness up-close encounters with the wild beats in the jungle.

Dubai Crocodile Park

The largest global reptile park is spread lavishly over 20,000 square meters. The interactive exhibits and educational panels set in the park continue to be the heart and soul of this unique park, where users get deeper insights into the fascinating history, evolution, conservation, and survival of these fabulous reptiles. The design of this park has been made in such a way as to replicate the natural habitat of these amazing reptiles. This lake-themed aquarium houses 250+ Nile Crocodiles, where male and female crocodiles grow up to six meters and 3.8 meters long, respectively. You will find several air-conditioned spaces and cafes to complete your visit from all quarters.

The Green Planet

Green planet zoo

The bio-dome-shaped enclosed ecosystem houses a unique rainforest featuring the most exclusive flora and fauna explored through an immersive expedition. Get ready to delve into the captivating world of tropical forests that house nearly 3,000+ animal and plant species. The life-sustaining indoor tree is the key highlight of this place. If you are in for some action-packed adventure, try the Bat Cave, where you witness wondrous and thrilling denizens, or touch the daring Emerald Tree Boa. The sleeping sloths and the super-hyper squirrel monkeys will surely catch your attention. Lastly, the recreational and educational facility helps raise awareness about maintaining the fine balance between the oldest living ecosystems worldwide.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium

A unique indoor air-conditioned dolphinarium within the entire region gives you instant access to the spectacular and unique skills and games of ultra-friendly dolphins and seals. You will surely enjoy them dancing, singing, juggling, and performing acrobatic stunts like jumping through hoops. Be ready to be fascinated by these fine marine creatures’ incredible agility and intelligence. You can interact more closely with these friendly dolphins by kissing, dancing, playing ball, and hugging them. Swim with the dolphins for a more intimate experience. Do catch the best seat in the house to witness the magical ambiance.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary Ras Al

This Wetland Reserve witnessed thousands of migratory birds and crustaceans, fishes, and mammals coming together. In winter, many tourists flock to this amazing destination to witness the flamingos surrounding the wetlands. The landscape here is decorated with mangroves, lagoons, and mudflats where the birds lay their nest and reside. Witness the magical ambiance over the three bird-watching spots in the sanctuary. There are also educational and volunteering exhibits and programs where you get deeper insights into the conservation of animals and bird species.

Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

Apart from the opulent world of top brands and labels in the Dubai Mall, there lies a fascinating underwater world of marine exploration in the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium. Housing 140 aquatic animal species in the largest suspended aquarium tank globally, this fabulous world has been easily adopted by the sting rays, the largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks, Spider Crabs, Humboldt Penguins, Lionfish, African Dwarf Crocodiles, Piranha, Otters, and much more. Don’t miss the King Croc and his Queen in all its might that will surely make your kids squeal in delight. The 48-meter-long tunnel brings you three ecological zones of the Living Ocean, Rainforests, and Rocky Shore to take your underwater discoveries to a new level. Understand the significance of the ecology and sustainability of these fascinating marine species through the educational exhibits and programs housed here.

The Lost Chamber Aquarium

The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Explore the unique and forbidden underwater world at the Lost Chambers Aquarium in the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah. This fabulous world allows you to get up close and interact with the 65,000 marine life creatures. You can even feed the creatures guided by animal experts, where you see the underwater world and its intricate adventures through this unique experience. Witness incredible diversity, hearty appetites, and underwater nurseries as you browse through the ten chambers and twenty marine exhibits, giving you deeper insights into the importance of sustenance and conversation with marine life.

Emirates Park Zoo

Lioness in Emirates Park Zoo

The Emirates Park Zoo is a fascinating way to bring excitement and education together. Emirates Park Zoo offers a thrilling experience with diverse animal species and exciting elements of fun and excitement. Explore nature’s beauty with reptiles, wildcats, herbivores, primates, and birds, creating cherished memories at every turn. Within the Emirates Park Zoo, you’ll find wildlife and bird parks, a charming petting zoo, and a variety of captivating attractions all in one place.¬†You can get close to the coolest creatures like hippos, elephants, monkeys, and farm animals under the watchful eyes of the animal experts. The Aerial play park and zipline give you the much-needed adventure shot in this exciting destination.


No matter your taste and preferences, the diverse wildlife and marine life destinations in Dubai will surely excite the animal enthusiast in you. Treat your family or friends to intricate experiences at these top zoo and aquarium attractions. Get ready to be inspired and add the much-needed adventure dose to your exciting Dubai holiday with modern attractions such as the Dubai Safari Park and Zoo.

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