Safari Park Dubai

Dubai Safari Park Experiences

Dubai Safari Park is not just a place to discover its four zones with a wide array of animal and bird species but also to interact with them and further connect with nature. The park's numerous activities and experiences provide visitors with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for exciting animal encounters, educational and interactive sessions, and relaxed picnics amid a lush, pleasant ambiance. The park also hosts fantastic events and programs highlighting the significance of preserving and protecting the planet and wildlife. As an all-age facility, one thing is sure that Dubai Safari Park offers something for every preference.

What Are Dubai Safari Park Experiences?

Dubai Safari Park offers several immersive experiences that allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the world’s rarest and most unique birds, animals, mammals, and reptiles. It gives you a chance to feed diverse animal species, enjoy fun animal rides, and watch interactive live bird shows, all in a fantastic and safe environment. Depending on your visit, you can also be part of various educational programs focused on animal conservation and welfare. Whether you are an animal enthusiast or looking for a fun, exciting day in Dubai, these experiences at Dubai Safari Park should not be missed.


Prepare to be part of the most distinct and enriching experiences that offer a glimpse into rich, vibrant African culture and heritage.

Gorilla House at Dubai Safari Park
Gorilla House

Gorillas are endangered ape species that are mainly indigenous to Africa. They are characterized by broad shoulders, strong chests, long arms, and protruding stomachs. If you want to know more about the gorilla species, the Gorilla House at Dubai Safari Park is where you can learn about the gorilla’s behavior, characteristics, and ecology in detail. You can watch them play and see how they interact with each other in a verdant, beautifully landscaped setting that mimics their natural habitat in Africa. What’s more, you get the unique chance to feed them. It is also known for its dedicated programs and exciting activities, enlightening you on the gorilla’s role in the ecosystem.

Chimpanzee House in African Village at Dubai Safari Park
Chimpanzee House

Chimpanzees primarily inhabit tropical forests and woodlands across Central and West Africa. One of the most interesting facts about this primate is that it shares about 98% of human DNA, which allows them to quickly learn sign languages and even use different tools for their benefit. However, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature classifies chimpanzees as an endangered species. Want to see and mingle with them in their naturalistic environment? All you have to do is go to the Chimpanzee House at the African Village, where you can witness their complex social interactions and unique skills like problem-solving capabilities.

Reptile House in African Village at Dubai Safari Park
Reptile House

As you enter the African Village’s Reptile House, you will find a fascinating spectrum of reptiles worldwide. You can have an up-close look at more than 50 reptile species like huge pythons, venomous snakes, giant lizards, colorful tarantulas, and indigenous reptiles, to name a few. They are as rare and distinct as the Arabian toad, Arabian sand boa, Afro-Asian sand snake, American bullfrog, Burmese python, peacock monitor, brown basilisk, carpet viper, Chilean rose tarantula, Chaco golden knee, golden knee tarantula, hooded malpolon, Madagascar day gecko, milk snake, Nile monitor, common king snake, corn snake, desert monitor, Komodo dragon, radiated tortoise, red-tailed boa, red-footed tortoise, and Savannah monitor.

The Grand Aviary in African Village at Dubai Safari Park
The Grand Aviary

At the Grand Aviary within the African Village, you will step into the UAE’s largest aviary. It shelters over a hundred species of birds, allowing you to experience the magnificence of bird diversity from all over the world. And the best thing is that you can see them mostly in their natural environments. See the Australian cockatiel, American white pelican, red-billed toucan, and canary, all thriving in a setting that is nothing short of their original habitats. Besides observing these feathered wonders closely, you can learn more about their behavior, unique skills, and ecosystem. Whether you are a bird lover or someone looking for a relaxed outing, this attraction at Dubai Safari Park won’t disappoint you.


Get ready for the most immersive and thrilling experiences as you head to the Explorer Village at Dubai Safari Park. It lets you see some of the animal kingdom’s most majestic and mightiest creatures in their natural setting.

Birds Show at Dubai Safari Park
Birds Show

The Bird Show is one of Dubai Safari Park’s most exciting shows, held at the Explorer Village Theatre. This immersive performance features a wide range of birds, including lively parrots, regal falcons, mighty eagles, etc., showcasing their outstanding flying skills and interesting behaviors. You can see these birds up close, demonstrating their hunting skills, natural abilities, and unique intelligence during the highly entertaining show. The best thing is that this engaging session educates and appeals to all age groups and preferences. Whether you visit here solo or with friends, family or little ones, don’t miss out on this amazing show at the Explorer Village.

Safari Journey at Dubai Safari Park
Safari Journey

This experience at the Explorer Village is probably Dubai Safari Park's most exhilarating attraction. The Safari Journey is a drive-through adventure that lasts about 45 minutes and is the first of its kind in the country. This fascinating ride will journey you through the park's various segments representing different animal habitats, thus displaying the diversity and splendor of wildlife. You can witness big cats (like lions, tigers, etc), giant African elephants, coy rhinos, tall giraffes, and lurking crocodiles, all freely wandering in their original wilderness. During the ride, your experienced guide will also regale you on these creatures' captivating behaviors and traits.

Giraffe Feeding at Dubai Safari Park
Giraffe Feeding

It is a must-do for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts visiting Dubai Safari Park! Giraffes are gentle giants, and this exclusive feeding session at the Explorer Village offers the rare chance to witness their impressive heights, exceptionally long necks, and graceful movements up close. You can hand-feed them their favorite foods as they extend their tongues to relish the treats. The friendly experience is ideal for adults and kids alike. This session is an incredible addition to your Dubai Park exploration, sure to leave a lasting impression. So what better way to know more about giraffes' distinct behavior and biology?

Hippo Aquarium at Dubai Safari Park
Hippo Aquarium

There is a dedicated segment at Dubai Safari Park’s Explorer Village, where you can observe hippos up close and in their natural aquatic environment. At the Hippo Aquarium, you can watch hippos swimming through water, interacting with one another, experience their feeding habits, appreciate their distinct abilities, and learn some interesting facts about their conservation efforts. And did we say that this underwater aquarium is perfect for visitors of all age groups.


From safari drives to animal shows and feeding sessions, Dubai Safari Park is more than a place to admire nature and wildlife. Come explore the park’s top activities and experiences.

Rhino Feeding at Dubai Safari Park
Rhino Feeding

One of the Dubai Safari Park’s main animal attractions is the white rhino, an endangered species that is almost extinct. Want to have an up-close encounter with it? The white rhino feeding session at the park is an enthralling and educational experience that animal lovers don’t want to miss. It not only gives you the opportunity to feed white rhinos but also lets you watch them closely and observe how they exist in their natural habitat. With an expert team always by your side, you can rest assured that it is an absolutely safe activity for adults and kids alike.

Asian Village Theatre at Dubai Safari Park
Asian Village Theatre

Watch some of the star attractions at the park’s Asian Village zone, such as the cassowaries, gibbons, moon bears, and wallabies, display their unique skills live at the dedicated theater. It is the venue of the Amazing Creatures of the World Show, whose duration is 25 minutes and promises you the most immersive experience. You can see the brilliant creatures perform on land, fly in the air, or swim along the water during the show. Apart from this, you can experience a thrilling journey (20 to 45 minutes) to the Arabian Desert Safari, which starts at Asian Village’s departure station.

Live Shows at Dubai Safari Park
Live Shows

Dubai Safari Park hosts many fantastic live shows across its diverse zones that are certain to amaze, entertain, and educate people of all ages. Be in awe at the exciting Amazing Creatures of the World show at the Asian Village Theatre, a 25-minute show featuring the most talented creatures on air, land, and water. The Bird Show is another captivating performance that you shouldn’t miss at the park, where the feathered residents line up for a breathtaking spectacle. Add to this the 45-minute safari journey, the interactive feeding sessions, and the fantastic hippo aquarium within the park’s Explorer Village zone.