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Safari Park Dubai is a world-class wildlife destination that offers a variety of attractions and experiences for visitors of all ages. The Explorer Village stands out as a favorite park attraction, offering a cozy bus for a memorable drive-through safari.

Encounter incredible African and Asian animals, including giraffes, lions, tigers, cheetahs, hippos, and zebras. Immerse yourself in live presentations, animal feedings, and engaging educational talks and workshops.

The Explorer Village is a great place to learn about wildlife conservation and have fun at the same time. In this blog, we will be talking about the Dubai Safari Park Explorer Village, and why you should visit it on your next trip to Dubai.

Drive-through Safari Experience
Drive-through Safari Experience

At the heart of the park, the Explorer Village takes center stage, offering a distinctive drive-through safari across the landscapes of Africa and Asia.

Commencing on a captivating 2.5-kilometer journey, the hour-long safari tour extends a warm welcome to visitors aboard a luxurious, air-conditioned bus. Equipped with informative audio guides and expansive windows, this immersive experience allows guests to traverse diverse sections and marvel at a rich tapestry of wildlife.

Witness the majesty of giraffes, the regal presence of lions and tigers, the grace of cheetahs, the aquatic charm of hippos, the elegance of antelopes, the striped beauty of zebras, and the awe-inspiring presence of rhinos in their natural habitats.

Bird Show and Giraffe Feeding
Bird Show and Giraffe Feeding

The Explorer Village also features a bird show and a giraffe feeding experience, where visitors can interact with these amazing creatures and learn more about them. Held at the expansive Explorer Plaza, a sizable amphitheater accommodating up to 1000 people, the bird show showcases a variety of avian wonders.

From macaws, parrots, and owls to eagles and vultures, these birds showcase their skills and intelligence. Beyond entertainment, the show serves an educational purpose, emphasizing the significance of conservation and biodiversity.

The giraffe feeding experience is another highlight of the Explorer Village, as it allows visitors to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Visitors can feed the giraffes with specially prepared food and take photos with them.

Other Zones and Activities
Other Zones and Activities

The Explorer Village is part of the Dubai Safari Park, which covers an area of 119 hectares and houses over 3000 animals from around the world. The park is divided into four main zones or Dubai Safari Park Villages: Al Wadi, African Village, Asian Village, Arabian Village and Explorer Village.

Diverse habitats and ecosystems unfold in each zone, featuring live shows, animal encounters, and educational activities. Explore additional park zones on foot, by bicycle, or aboard a train.

Attractions in these zones range from a captivating crocodile exhibit and reptile house to a delightful butterfly garden, a charming petting zoo, and an engaging kids' farm.

Gorilla House at Dubai Safari Park
Conservation and Sustainability

Dubai Safari Park Explorer Village not only showcases the rich diversity of wildlife but also serves as an educational hub emphasizing the significance of conservation and sustainability.

Committed to safeguarding the environment and its inhabitants, the park employs renewable energy sources like solar panels and biogas for facility and vehicle power. Additionally, water and waste are recycled, and organic farming methods are embraced for self-sustenance.

The park actively backs conservation projects, including breeding programs, animal rescue, rehabilitation, and wildlife research, contributing to a holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

Guide for Dubai Safari Park Visitors

Best Time to Visit

If you are planning to visit the Explorer village, then the perfect time is from November to March. During these months the weather is cool and pretty comfortable. It is also the ideal time to watch the animals in action as they are more active and visible during this period.

If you want to avoid the crowd try visiting the village in the early morning or late afternoon.

Clothes to Wear
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothes suitable for weather and outdoor activities.
  • Apply sunscreen, wear hats, and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Choose shoes that are comfortable for walking.
  • Avoid bright colors and perfumes to prevent attracting or disturbing animals.
  • Respect local culture by dressing modestly during the visit to Dubai Safari Park.
How To Visit Dubai

1. Self-Drive:

Reach the park independently using your own vehicle, enjoying the flexibility of your schedule.

2. Public Transportation:

Utilize public transportation options like buses or metro services if available, offering a convenient and cost-effective travelsolution.

3. Taxi or Ride-Sharing:

Opt for a taxi or ride-sharing service for a comfortable and door-to-door transportation experience.

4. Guided Tours:

Join organized guided tours that may include transportation, providing a hassle-free and informative visit.

5. Hotel Shuttles:

Check if your hotel offers shuttle services to Dubai Safari Park, simplifying your journey

Things to Keep in Mind when Visiting Explorer Village
  • Verify ticket prices and inclusions.
  • Carefully note the Dubai Safari Park timings.
  • Dress appropriately for Dubai's warm climate.
  • Adhere to rules for animal interactions.
  • Bring cameras for memorable moments.
  • Note the schedule for shows and attractions and follow the Map.
  • Consider purchasing tickets online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately any outside food or beverages cannot be taken inside the park. You will need to get food and drinks from the F&B outlets and then consume within the park premises.

No, pets are not permitted inside the park as they may affect the animals' safety and welfare.

You can get the tickets online or at the park entrance counter. You can also try downloading the Go City app on your smartphone, sign in, and your pass will be instantly accessible for use on the app.

Once you exit the park, you are not allowed to re-enter. If you want to return, you will need to get a new entry ticket.

The train service to move between the villages of the park is accessible only for guests holding any of the Plus Tickets or Safari Journey tickets. Additionally, POD (People of Determination) guests can access the trains by presenting the POD tickets at each station.