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Arabian Village, located within the famous Dubai Safari Park , is known as the Arabian Desert Safari and showcases the beautiful wildlife of the Arabian Peninsula. These include some of the endangered and rare species offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It is a drive-through attraction where you can see the wilderness inspired by the vast deserts of Western Asia, complete with images of historic nomadic desert culture. As you embark on your safari, you can spot Arabian animals such as the majestic oryx, different species of gazelles, and the Arabian wolf. In addition to witnessing these animals, a unique aspect of Dubai Safari Park is that you can learn from experts about various animals, including their habitat and behavioral traits, while on safari.

Hero Animal of Arabian Village

The Arabian Wolf is the hero animal of Arabian Village. It is the smallest subspecies of grey wolf found on the Arabian Peninsula. Living in small groups and hunting in pairs or groups of two to three animals, they have adapted to exist in the desert. They are mainly carnivorous and feed on hares, rodents, small ungulates, cats, sweet fruits, roadkill, and other carrions. Arabian wolves are known to attack and feed on domestic animals such as goats, so Bedouins and farmers often shoot them on sight and trap or poison them.

Overview of the Arabian Village

Tucked away in the sprawling Dubai Safari Park, the Arabian Village is one of the four Dubai Safari Park Villages that brings visitors into a world of enduring cultural legacy. This painstakingly built village encapsulates the spirit of conventional Emirati living, with its construction, aesthetics, and activities mirroring the abundant heritage of Arabian customs.

The small town's delightful narrow lanes take you to artisan studios, where talented artisans display time-honored skills like pottery making, textile weaving, and metal craft. Visitors can relish genuine Emirati tastes at the village's eateries, steeping themselves in a gustatory voyage of regional delicacies.

The village comes alive with lively performances like traditional dances and music, filling it with a vibrant spirit. Visitors can experience the artistic essence that characterizes the area through these live shows. Kids and families can take part in hands-on activities, informative workshops, and story times that provide a window into days gone by. These interactive opportunities let people engage with and learn about the region's history and culture.

Dubai Safari Park's Arabian Village Beckons with Exotic Wildlife from the Peninsula

At Arabian Village, you can find the big-eyed Arabian Gazelle, the Arabian Oryx with its long horns, the white Addax, and the Sand Gazelle. Make sure not to miss the chance to see these incredible animals!

Arabian Oryx

The Arabian Oryx is emblematic of the area's natural legacy and conservation initiatives. It is a mid-sized antelope variety that populates the deserts and arid territories of the Arabian Peninsula. They are compatible with the harsh desert climate and can endure extended periods without water.

Arabian Gazelle  at Dubai Safari Park
Arabian Gazelle

Within the boundaries of the Dubai Safari Park, the Arabian Village invites visitors to witness the splendor of the Arabian Gazelle. This graceful animal, indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, adorns the scenery elegantly. The conservation efforts carried out by Dubai Safari Park are tremendously important, acting as a ray of light for the endurance of this magnificent creature.

Sand Gazelle at at Dubai Safari Park
Sand Gazelle

The graceful Sand Gazelle, also known as the Reem Gazelle, is a small antelope found in the Arabian Peninsula. People visiting the Arabian Village at Dubai Safari Park can see these lovely animals in their natural setting and learn about the special ways they have adapted to life in the desert.

Addax at Dubai Safari Park

People can observe this imposing creature in the Arabian Village at the Dubai Safari Park. The Addax possesses a unique look, with elongated, twisted horns and a white fur that bounces sunlight. Its distinctive metabolic process permits it to make it through severe desert circumstances with minimal water.

Striped Hyena at Dubai Safari Park
Striped Hyena

The African Village at Dubai Safari Park is also home to the elusive Striped Hyena, making seeing them at the African Village a unique experience that shows the importance of conservation work to protect these intriguing animals.

Scimitar-Horned Oryx at Dubai Safari Park
Scimitar-Horned Oryx

The Scimitar-Horned oryx is a species of antelope that originates from the Sahara Desert. This animal has special, curved, elongated horns. At the Arabian Village, located in Dubai's Safari Park, people can watch and find out about these striking creatures and the preservation attempts made to safeguard them.

Mountain Gazelle at Dubai Safari Park
Mountain Gazelle

The graceful and agile mountain gazelle, a symbol of elegance, inhabits the landscapes of the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. These antelopes are well-adapted to rugged, mountainous environments where they thrive. At Dubai Safari Park's Arabian Village, visitors can observe these remarkable creatures up close and personally witness their graceful movements and unique characteristics. By hosting the mountain gazelles, the park provides an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and adaptations of these animals in their native habitat.

Overall, for people who love animals or want to learn about wildlife native to Arabia, the Arabian Village is a place you absolutely must go. The other villages, such as the Asian Village, African village, and Explorer village, are no less than wonders. Make sure to explore them all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dubai Safari Park located?

The standard ticket price of Dubai Safari Park for adults is AED 50 and AED 20 for children. Entry is free for kids below the age of three.

No, all the attractions and villages, including African Village, are covered in one ticket issued at the entry point.

Yes, there are various safari packages to explore the park. You are free to choose any one of them.

The Pets, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and roller skates are not allowed. Also, items such as balloons, balls, or toy guns are strictly prohibited.