Dubai’s Animal Safari Experience

Chimpanzee at Dubai Safari Park

Explore and discover the wonders of the animal kingdom with a trip to the Dubai Safari Park. The Dubai Safari Park, a place where adventure and conservation meet, takes you to a breathtaking encounter with wildlife and extraordinary journey in nature.

Your Dubai Safari Park experience gets more exciting with its new addition of rare and exotic species introduced since its recent reopening. Before setting out on a Dubai Safari Park adventure trip, it would be best to know of the new species now domesticated in Dubai’s animal sanctuary. Read this blog to know more!

Roar and Explore: Dubai’s Ultimate Animal Safari

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind adventure into the wild at Dubai Safari Park, the ultimate animal kingdom that brings together fascinating wildlife from around the globe. Spanning 119 hectares near Arabian Ranches, this mesmerizing animal sanctuary will transport you from the pulsating energy of the city into varied terrain as magnificent as the diverse creatures that inhabit it.

Embark on a safari unlike any other through thoughtfully recreated geographic zones inspired by the African Savannah grasslands, the highlands of Ethiopia, and the forests of Asia. Marvel at majestic elephants, observe prowling Bengal tigers, and delight at fluffy panda bears in habitats mirroring their native lands. Don’t miss visiting the Arabian Desert zone to spot Arabian oryx, wolves, hyenas, and more magical desert creatures.

The park’s crown jewel is the open Safarium zone – the largest habitat for herbivores in the region. Meander through this vast stretch witnessing vibrant exotic birdlife, towering giraffes, massive African elephants, rhinoceros, antelopes, and countless grazing animals dotting the horizon. For the best views, hop aboard the Safari Caravan to soar across this mesmerizing grassland.

Younger adventure-seekers have an exciting world waiting at Explorer Village with suspended rope bridges, crawl tubes, spy towers, trampolines, and slides. At Lemur Woods, come face-to-face with over 150 ring-tailed lemurs as they leap, climb and swing freely. Cap off an eventful day at African Village watching cultural dances as drums reverberate into the night.

With over 4,000 animals from 250 species, Safari Park immerses you into varying landscapes promising encounters to remember. From wandering into an Asian temple ruled by monkeys or catching a nocturnal creature’s glowing eyes in the moonlight, a sense of wonder infuses every step. Roar and explore this wild kingdom, where each turn unveils the marvels of nature and new adventures around the bend.

Rare and Exotic Animals at the Dubai Safari Park

Now, it’s time to get to know some of the animals that have newly inhabited the Dubai Safari Park. Some of these fauna are critically endangered while some are vulnerable. A trip to the park is not just all about the adventure. The park also educates visitors about the existence of these rare species.

Arabian Oryx: The Pride of Dubai’s Deserts

Let’s begin our wildlife expedition with the iconic Arabian oryx, a species considered extinct in the wild during the early 1970s. However, thanks to intensive conservation efforts, these delicate creatures have made a grand comeback in Dubai Safari Park. Characterised by its impressive long, straight horns and striking white coat, the Arabian Oryx stands as the pride of Dubai’s deserts and symbolises the conservation success story of the UAE. Visitors and park-goers can witness these graceful animals roaming freely in the park’s vast enclosures designed to mimic their natural habitat.

African Elephants: Encounter with the Gentle Giants

African Elephants

Brought from Africa, the enormous African elephants inspire awe with their immense size and remarkable intelligence. Visitors can closely observe these gentle giants interacting in a herd, gaining appreciation for their complex social bonds. The up-close encounter allows you to witness their compassionate nature despite their staggering bulk. Through educational exhibits and care programs, the park highlights conservation efforts aimed at protecting these endangered creatures while providing a comfortable environment to thrive.

Siberian Tigers: A Glimpse into the Wild

Siberian Tiger at Dubai Safari Park

The critically endangered Siberian tigers give visitors a thrilling, up-close glimpse of these powerful big cats. Native to the remote Russian Far East, their captivating striped coats and piercing eyes reflect lives adapted to the cold wilderness. In spacious, naturalistic habitats, guests can observe their behaviors and movements that showcase their strength and elegance. As their populations dwindle in the wild, Dubai Safari Park provides a safe environment for them while educating about their conservation and the challenges they face surviving in their harsh native climate.

Komodo Dragons: The Ancient Reptiles

komodo dragons at Dubai Safari Park
The Komodo dragons are ancient reptiles that give visitors a glimpse into prehistoric times. As the largest living lizard species, these impressive creatures dominate their surroundings with their venomous bite and powerful jaws. Native to Indonesian islands, the endangered Komodo dragons inhabit naturalistic enclosures at the park. Up-close encounters allow observations of their behaviors and interactions. Dubai Safari Park provides a safe haven for these captivating creatures to be witnessed and studied while also promoting their conservation.

Arabian Sand Gazelles: The Desert Gems

gazelles at Dubai Safari Park

Native to the Arabian Peninsula, the elegant Arabian sand gazelles are agile creatures perfectly adapted to survive in the harsh desert landscape. Their curved horns and sandy-colored coats seamlessly blend into the arid environment. Although not endangered, their populations are declining, making them a vulnerable species. At Dubai Safari Park, visitors can observe these desert gems gracefully navigating the sand dunes in enclosures designed to mimic their natural habitat. Their swift movements showcase their incredible agility. As an important part of the region’s natural heritage, the park is dedicated to protecting the fragile ecosystem of these beautiful creatures and educating guests about their conservation.

Giraffes: Towering Graceful Elegance

giraffes at Dubai Safari Park

Last on the list are the giraffes. Their towering elegance is undeniably enchanting. Witness these tall and graceful creatures grazing in Dubai Safari Park. With their incredibly long necks and unique coat patterns, giraffes are truly mesmerising creatures. Visitors can witness their distinctive behaviour, such as their gentle and sociable nature, as they interact with other members of their herd. The park provides ample space for these majestic animals to roam freely, ensuring they have a comfortable and natural environment.

Majestic Twigs and Leaves Munchers

If you look out across the sweeping savanna at Dubai Safari Park, you’re sure to spot the park’s troupe of graceful giraffes. These majestic animals never fail to impress visitors with their towering height and long, slender necks that enable them to feast on the tallest acacia branches. The giraffes can most often be found lazily strolling between trees or bending their legs into a splay to lower their necks and grab mouthfuls of twigs and leaves.

Visitors can marvel at the sight of five giraffe calves frolicking alongside some of the adult giraffes that call the Park’s Safarium habitat home. Getting to observe these peaceful herbivores up-close as they slowly meander through the grasslands is a highlight for many who come to enjoy an exciting safari experience without leaving Dubai!

Exciting Additions to the Safari Trip: New Animals and Adorable Newborns Await

The Safari Park this November has expanded with new baby elephants, giraffes and zebras for visitors to spot. Playful lion cubs and tiny warthog piglets scamper behind protective mothers as dazzling ostriches race across the plains. The trip now ventures into lands never before explored, promising new discoveries.

Meet the New Arrivals on Dubai Animal Safari Adventure!

Centrilian Carpet Python

The Centralian Carpet Pythons at Dubai Safari Park showcase these non-venomous snakes native to Australia’s arid interior. Their beautifully patterned scales and docile nature can be observed up close in the reptile house. As ambush predators, their natural behaviors like climbing and resting can be seen in their thoughtfully designed habitat.

Peacock Monitor

Native to arid regions of Africa, the colorful Peacock Monitor lizards inhabit a special reptile section at the park. Their blue skin and striking pattern allow close-up observation of these agile foragers. Visitors can watch them climb, dig, and thermoregulate in their naturalistic enclosure showcasing the species’ beauty and adaptations.

Brown Basilisk

Known for their ability to run on water, the aptly named “Jesus lizard” is a highlight of the reptile habitats. Visitors can closely observe these Central American lizards demonstrating their quick reflexes and superb balance as they sprint across water features in their enclosure. Their creamy brown skin blends into the naturalistic habitat designed to mimic their tropical homes.

Golden Knee Tarantula

One of the more docile tarantula species, the impressive Golden Knee Tarantulas inhabit the critter house. Their orange and black hairy legs and bodies can be seen up close through the glass as they move slowly around their terrarium home. Native to dry forests in South America, their natural behaviors like perching and hunting insects can be observed by curious visitors.

Arabian Toad

Native to the Arabian Peninsula, these small toads blend into their sandy habitat. Visitors can spot them hopping around a carefully crafted desert enclosure.

Green Basilisk

With bright green bodies and high crown crests, these arboreal lizards sprint across water in their jungle habitat. Their climbing skills and coloring dazzle observant guests.

Carpet Viper

The intricately patterned scales of this venomous viper mimic desert sands. Guests can safely view them hunting rodents at night in a specially lit desert habitat.

Corn Snake

Brilliantly colored and docile, these North American snakes are on display in the reptile house. Visitors delight in their crawling movements and shimmering skin patterns.

Puff Adder

A heavy venomous snake from Africa, these ambush predators stay camouflaged in their terrain. Guests can spot their intricate brown and tan patterns in a simulated habitat.

Ornate Mastigure

Found across the Middle East, these stocky lizards with foldable skin inhabit a desert enclosure. Their adaptions to extreme heat fascinate observant visitors.

Afro-Asian Sand Snake

Shy and mild-tempered, these sandy-colored snakes burrow through their Arabian dune habitat. Guests might catch a glimpse of them peeking out from underneath.

The Park’s Commitment to Wildlife Conservation

Through meticulous conservation efforts, Dubai Safari Park has become a sanctuary for numerous endangered species, allowing visitors to witness remarkable creatures up close. The park is home to iconic animals like the Arabian oryx and breathtaking African elephants. By bringing these new species to Dubai, the park provides locals and tourists a unique opportunity to marvel at their beauty and gain a deeper appreciation of wildlife welfare and conservation.

From building naturalistic habitats to funding research and breeding programs, Dubai Safari Park demonstrates the city’s strong commitment to preserving global biodiversity. By connecting people with endangered animals, the park hopes to motivate visitors to join in efforts to save at-risk wildlife.

Fun-filled Activities at the Dubai Safari Park

UAE Guided safari bus rides at on an asphalt road
Get ready for a wild adventure at Dubai Safari Park with an array of exhilarating activities for all ages.

  • Safari: A safari drive through the park’s habitats offers an immersive journey encountering wildlife up close. Hop into open-air vehicles to cruise through zones like the wetlands, while guides share facts about towering giraffes and swift antelope herds. Spy a rare white tiger lounging in the shaded forests or catch a flock of pink flamingos taking flight.
  • Animal Feeding: For some hands-on excitement, animal feeding sessions allow you to offer tasty treats to gentle creatures under staff supervision. Giggle as a curious zebra nibbles hay from your palm or watch a lemur snatch fruit with its long tail. Wildlife shows entertain with birds swooping overhead demonstrating aerial acrobatics, playful sea lions clapping with trainers, and handlers highlighting animal talents.
  • The Kidz Farm: The Kidz Farm tailors interactions for young explorers to pet sheep, brush ponies, and learn fun facts about farm critters.  Meanwhile, the adrenaline-pumping Adventure Zone challenges older kids to zipline over habitats for an eagle’s perspective or test balance navigating wobbly rope bridges.


How do I get to Dubai Safari Park?

You can get to Dubai Safari Park either by road or by metro. If you’re driving a car in Dubai, you can easily get to the park as it is accessible by road. A VIP parking ticket at the park costs AED 50. You can also get to the park by metro. Take a metro to the Creek Metro Stop on the Green Line and from there hire a taxi to reach the park. The taxi ride from the Creek metro station to the park by taxi is about 15-20 minutes and will cost around AED 25-30.

How much is a ticket to Dubai Safari Park?

Ticket prices for Dubai Safari Park vary, depending on the admission ticket you want to purchase. A Day Pass ticket costs AED 50 for adults, and AED 20 for children. It comes with an Arabian Desert Safari ride, live shows, and a Kids’ Farm access. On top of those, a Safari Journey ticket comes with an unlimited train ride and a half-hour guided Safari journey on bus. A ticket costs AED 90 for adults and AED 35 for children. Children below 3 years of age, and People of Determinations (POD or PWD) with two companions are free of admission. POD are eligible for Day Pass tickets only. Aside from the Day Pass and Safari Journey tickets, Dubai Safari Park also offers a variety of tour packages. See your options on our website

Are there restaurants inside the park?

Yes, visitors can dine at any of the various restaurants inside the Dubai Safari Park. The park also has designated picnic areas. Visitors can enjoy their meals or snacks while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

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