Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm – A Fun and Educational Experience for Young Explorers

Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm

A few decades ago, Dubai was a city meant for jobs. Workers from different parts of the world used to go to Dubai in search of jobs. The grand metropolis we see today is the combined result of the hard work of the immigrants and the vision of the rulers. Dubai brims with attractions, attracting people of different age groups. It is loved by families who vacation in Dubai with their children as the city has some of the best interactive museums, play areas, and amusement parks. But most people consider Dubai an urban metropolis without any natural attractions. This is untrue. In Dubai, you can have amazing experiences with animals at the zoo and aquarium attractions. Make sure to include the delightful experience of Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm, adding a unique and educational touch to your family adventures!

The Dubai Safari Park is the residence of 3000 animals from all over the world. Here, you can go on a wildlife safari, enjoy a picnic amidst nature, feed wild animals, and watch animals in their natural habitat. But what has captured the hearts of the little ones is the Kids Farm, a haven for nature and animal lovers. When a visitor plans to explore park, they should be aware that the Dubai Safari Park’s operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

children feeding giraffes at Dubai Safari Park

Inhabitants of Kids Farm in Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park has different zones known as villages. While all the other zones are home to wild animals, the Kids Farm is the only place where you can meet domestic animals. The Kids Farm can be called the cute zone, as it has some of the cutest and friendliest animals and birds. 

1. Alexandrine Parakeet
The Alexandrine parakeet sports bright green plumage with a red beak. It can mimic human speech in a highly adept manner.

Alexandrine Parakeet

2. Amazon Parrot
With brilliant rainbow feathers, Amazon parrots dazzle while charming humans through speech and playful antics.

3. Black Hooded Parrot
Black mohawk-like plumage tops gray and white bodies on these small, vibrant American rainforest parakeets.

4. Cockatiel
Showcasing a yellow face and slender tail, the talented cockatiel whistles songs and mimics a variety of zany sounds.

5. Donkey
With their signature long ears and sturdy builds, friendly donkeys at Kids Farm provide rides and photo opportunities for children. Kids can pet, feed, or observe these hardworking beasts of burden up-close within the farm’s safe confines.


7. Eurasian Bullfinch
A reddish-orange breast and black cap call attention to these songbirds with charming, melodious voices.

8. Local Duck
Muted brown local ducks commonly frequent Middle Eastern lakes and ponds close by.

9. Najdi Sheep
This Saudi Arabian sheep breed sports imposing, long curved horns spiraling back from the head.

10. Plum-headed Parakeet
Plum-colored crowns contrast green upper body feathers on these Indian subcontinent parakeets.

11. Pony
The pony looks like a small horse. Its short size makes ponies less scary for kids. Children find ponies cute.

12. Pygmy Goat
Pygmy goats showcase caramel coats and upright ears, prancing playfully about on tiny four-legged frames.

13. Rosella
Colorfully adorned with red, blue and green hues, Rosellas represent a uniquely patterned Australian parrot.

Reasons to Visit the Kids Farm in Dubai Safari Park

Kids farm at Dubai Safari Park

You and your kids can relax and enjoy the company of some adorable animals at the Kids Farm. You can have fun and at the same time inculcate love and empathy for other living beings. Here are some of the reasons you must visit the Kids Farm.

Experience Village Life

The Kids Farm is an amazing way of giving children from the cities firsthand access to village life. Kids get to learn about the simple and humble life in the rural area and also understand the importance of other living beings on earth. 

Have Fun Interacting with Animals

The Kids Farm is not a zoo. Here you get to interact with the animals and birds and can touch, feed, and play with them. You can observe the animals and birds in their natural habitat. You can also lovingly pet the animals and birds. It is also possible to buy food from the farm and feed the friendly creatures of the place. 

Acquire Valuable Knowledge

Dubai Safari Park offers an amazing educational experience. Children can be involved in interactive activities like playing, feeding, and interacting with animals and birds. The park also has insightful guided tours. Here, the participants get to learn about the needs, habitats, behaviors, life cycles, and foods of the inhabitants. These tours also emphasize the importance of animals in the ecosystem. This helps in creating a sense of responsibility in children that carries into adulthood. Kids also learn about agriculture and nutrition while actively participating in activities like harvesting vegetables and gathering eggs. They gain a deeper understanding of the origins and processes involved in their food, which may encourage them to have healthy eating habits.

Is there Anything for Parents at Kids Farm?

Yes, Kids Farm has designated areas for parents to comfortably supervise their children during visits. While kids engage in hands-on interactions with the horses, cows, goats, sheep, and other farm animals, parents can relax in shaded seating spots around the farm.

These rest areas allow parents to keep watch over their little ones as they feed, pet, and learn from the friendly creatures. Though staff members lead and monitor all children’s activities with the animals, the seating gives parents the chance to observe their kids discovering and playing. So, parents can participate as needed while also taking a breather in the heat of the Dubai day. Overall, parents enjoy support and inclusion at Kids Farm too.

Important Tips to Remember While Visiting Kids Farm

  • Kids should be with their parents or a known adult at all times.
  • One should interact, feed, and pet the animals gently and kindly. Make sure the children do the same,
  • Follow the instructions provided by the caretakers while interacting with the inhabitants of the farm. This is important for the safety of everyone.
  • Ask your kids to talk softly and gently while exploring the farm, especially while interacting with the animals. Avoid too much noise.
  • Patrons are not allowed to feed animals the food they bought from outside or their home. It is important to feed only the food that you buy from the farm.
  • Do not pick up or chase the animals just for fun. Also, do not overfeed the animals and birds at Dubai Safari Park.
  • Maintain proper hygiene before and after feeding the animals. Handwashing stations are available at the Kids Farm to keep your hands clean.
  • You cannot bring your own pets or outside animals into the farm area.

Dubai Safari Park’s Kids Farm offers children a unique, immersive educational experience. Through supervised interaction with horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, rodents, and a butterfly garden, young explorers can discover and connect with nature.

As they feed, pet, and observe wildlife up-close, kids gain practical knowledge and an appreciation for animals. With safety and learning combined, Kids Farm sparks wonder and curiosity about the natural world in children. This hands-on gem allows parents to watch their little ones thrive while they gain new skills as young stewards of the environment.


Q1. What is Kids Farm at the Dubai Safari Park?

Kids Farm at the Dubai Safari Park is an enclosed, supervised area where children can closely and safely interact with farm animals like horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. It provides an immersive, educational environment for kids to learn about various animals through hands-on activities and up-close encounters.

Q2. What are the birds available at Kids Farm?

The birds that children can see and interact with at Kids Farm include chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, and ostriches. Kids have the special opportunity to feed, pet, and observe these various bird species in a controlled setting at the farm.

Q3. What are the animals available at Kids Farm?

The animals available for children to interact with at Kids Farm include horses, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, rabbits, guinea pigs, alpacas, and llamas. Under staff supervision, kids can feed, brush, and learn about these various farm animals in an immersive, hands-on environment.

Q4. Are there any guidelines to interact with the animals at the Kids Farm?

Yes, there are specific guidelines in place to ensure safe interactions between children and animals at Kids Farm. Trained staff supervise all activities with the horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and rodents to make sure proper care and handling techniques are followed. Rules are explained, and children must listen and be gentle with the animals while feeding, petting, or observing them up close.

Q5. Are there any extra fees to enter the Kids Farm?

No, there are no extra fees to enter Kids Farm. Access to the enclosed, supervised children's area for interacting with and learning about the farm animals is included with general admission tickets to Dubai Safari Park. Visiting Kids Farm does not require paying any additional or separate entrance costs.

Q6. Why visit the Kids Farm?

Kids Farm offers a unique opportunity for children to have immersive, hands-on interactions with farm animals. Through feeding, petting, and observing the horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and rodents, kids can learn about animal care and behavior in an engaging, practical way. The staff-supervised environment allows for safe, meaningful encounters that educate and excite children about nature and wildlife.

Q7. Does Kids Farm have anything for parents?

Yes, Kids Farm has shaded seating areas surrounding the farm where parents can comfortably relax and supervise their children during animal interactions and activities. Though kids engage in hands-on learning, parents have a place to accompany them, rest, and participate as needed while the staff leads the encounters with the horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and rodents at the farm.

Q8. What is the Butterfly Garden?

The Butterfly Garden is a special enclosed, netted area within Kids Farm filled with native butterflies that children can walk through. It allows kids to immerse themselves among freely flying butterflies and observe the insects up close in a protected, controlled setting. The Butterfly Garden offers a unique, exciting way for children to learn about butterflies native to the Dubai region.

Q9. What are the opening hours of the Kids Farm?

Kids Farm is open daily from 9:00AM to 6:00PM. The staff supervises the enclosed farm area for the full nine hours each day that the park is open to the public.

Q10- What is the primary goal of the Kids Farm?

The primary goal of Kids Farm is to educate children about animals and nature through direct, hands-on interaction. By allowing kids to feed, brush, touch, and observe the horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, rodents, and butterflies in a safe, controlled setting, the staff facilitates exciting opportunities to learn. Immersive encounters spark children's curiosity and knowledge about wildlife care, behavior, and conservation.

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