Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm – A Fun and Educational Experience for Young Explorers

Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm

A few decades ago, Dubai was a city meant for jobs. Workers from different parts of the world used to go to Dubai in search of jobs. The grand metropolis we see today is the combined result of the hard work of the immigrants and the vision of the rulers. Dubai brims with attractions, attracting people of different age groups. It is loved by families who vacation in Dubai with their children as the city has some of the best interactive museums, play areas, and amusement parks. But most people consider Dubai an urban metropolis without any natural attractions. This is untrue. In Dubai, you can have amazing experiences with animals at the zoo and aquarium attractions. Make sure to include the delightful experience of Dubai Safari Park Kids Farm, adding a unique and educational touch to your family adventures!

The Dubai Safari Park is the residence of 3000 animals from all over the world. Here, you can go on a wildlife safari, enjoy a picnic amidst nature, feed wild animals, and watch animals in their natural habitat. But what has captured the hearts of the little ones is the Kids Farm, a haven for nature and animal lovers. When a visitor plans to explore park, they should be aware that the Dubai Safari Park’s operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

children feeding giraffes at Dubai Safari Park

Inhabitants of Kids Farm in Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park has different zones known as villages. While all the other zones are home to wild animals, the Kids Farm is the only place where you can meet domestic animals. The Kids Farm can be called the cute zone, as it has some of the cutest and friendliest animals and birds. 

1. Alexandrine Parakeet:  Alexandrine parakeet is a smart, colorful bird. It can impersonate human speech.

Alexandrine Parakeet

2. African Love Birds:The African love birds are distinct looking. They usually thrive in pairs. 

3. Amazon Parrot: The Amazon parrot is alluring and bright. It can talk like humans.

4. Black Hooded Parrot:The black hooded parrot has a black hood and a vibrant body. It can be seen in the American rainforest.

5. Cockatiel:The cockatiel has a yellow face and grey bod. It has a slender tail. It is popular for its whistling and mimicry skills.

6. Donkey:The donkey has a stocky body and long ears. It is a domestic animal and is known for being hardworking.


7. Eurasian Bullfinch: It has a reddish orange body and black head. The Eurasian Bullfinch has a melodious voice and a charming personality.

8. Local Duck: The local duck is a local bird of the Middle East. They are usually found near water bodies.

9. Najdi Sheep: The Najdi sheep is found in Saudi Arabia. It has long, curved horns.

10. Plum-headed Parakeet: It has a green-colored body and a plum-colored head. It belongs to the Indian subcontinent.

11. Pony: It looks like a short horse. Kids find the pony endearing as its size is similar to theirs.

12. Pygmy Goat: Pygmy goats are around 20 inches and are playful.

13. Rosella: Rosella has unique and vibrant patterns on their bodies. They are extremely charismatic as well.

Reasons to Visit the Kids Farm in Dubai Safari Park

Kids farm at Dubai Safari Park

You and your kids can relax and enjoy the company of some adorable animals at the Kids Farm. You can have fun and at the same time inculcate love and empathy for other living beings. Here are some of the reasons you must visit the Kids Farm.

Experience Village Life

The Kids Farm is an amazing way of giving children from the cities firsthand access to village life. Kids get to learn about the simple and humble life in the rural area and also understand the importance of other living beings on earth. 

Have Fun Interacting with Animals

The Kids Farm is not a zoo. Here you get to interact with the animals and birds and can touch, feed, and play with them. You can observe the animals and birds in their natural habitat. You can also lovingly pet the animals and birds. It is also possible to buy food from the farm and feed the friendly creatures of the place. 

Acquire Valuable Knowledge

Dubai Safari Park offers an amazing educational experience. Children can be involved in interactive activities like playing, feeding, and interacting with animals and birds. The park also has insightful guided tours. Here, the participants get to learn about the needs, habitats, behaviors, life cycles, and foods of the inhabitants. These tours also emphasize the importance of animals in the ecosystem. This helps in creating a sense of responsibility in children that carries into adulthood. Kids also learn about agriculture and nutrition while actively participating in activities like harvesting vegetables and gathering eggs. They gain a deeper understanding of the origins and processes involved in their food, which may encourage them to have healthy eating habits.

Is there Anything for Parents at Kids Farm?

Kids Farm is for everyone. It is a place for parents to spend some quality time with their children and together pet, feed, and play with different animals and birds on the farm. There are several educational sessions and workshops for the parents at the farm. These will help them to understand the importance of encouraging their children to explore nature and spend time with animals.

Important Tips to Remember While Visiting Kids Farm

  • Kids should be with their parents or a known adult at all times.
  • One should interact, feed, and pet the animals gently and kindly. Make sure the children do the same,
  • Follow the instructions provided by the caretakers while interacting with the inhabitants of the farm. This is important for the safety of everyone.
  • Ask your kids to talk softly and gently while exploring the farm, especially while interacting with the animals. Avoid too much noise.
  • Patrons are not allowed to feed animals the food they bought from outside or their home. It is important to feed only the food that you buy from the farm.
  • Do not pick up or chase the animals just for fun. Also, do not overfeed the animals and birds.
  • Maintain proper hygiene before and after feeding the animals. Handwashing stations are available at the Kids Farm to keep your hands clean.
  • You cannot bring your own pets or outside animals into the farm area.


The Kids Farm in Dubai Safari Park is quite a unique attraction as compared to the other glamorous and adventurous attractions in the Dubai city. Do visit this attraction to give your holiday a memorable twist.

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